Mini Directory

This list has all the TCGs that are online according to the best of my knowledge. TCGs that have explicitly announced their closure and TCGs with offline sites are not included.

Active TCGs

This is a list of TCGs that are active and updates are regular.

TCG Topic Link
1 Up Video Games CLICK
Card Hoarder Video Game & TV | Automated TCG CLICK
Colors Animanga & Video Game Characters [Dreamwidth] CLICK
Duet Relationships CLICK
Gekko Yume Everything | Automated TCG [GERMAN] CLICK
Gleam Japanese Animanga & Video Game Male Characters CLICK
Globetrotter Travel CLICK
Idolise Kpop Idol Eras CLICK
Infinity Everything CLICK
Marvelous Marvel Cinematic Universe CLICK
Melody Music CLICK
Nurie 2D Animanga & Video Game (Puzzle Decks) CLICK
Spotlight Idol Anime CLICK
Stardust Animanga Screencaps CLICK
Starlight Korean Music CLICK
Trading Base Everything | Automated TCG [Mostly GERMAN] CLICK
Whispering Secrets Everything | Automated TCG [GERMAN] CLICK

Hiatus | Semi-Active TCGs

This is a list of TCGs that are on hiatus.

TCG Topic Link
Elite Trainer Pokemon CLICK
Flicks Movies CLICK
Sakura Animanga & Video Games CLICK
Tracklist Music Album Covers CLICK


This is a list of TCGs that went inactive without news of returning, but the site is still online.

TCG Topic Link
Gourmandises Food CLICK
Pubs & Puddles All Things British CLICK
Small Screen Television CLICK
Wonderland Disney CLICK